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Grudthak's Ogre Cave

The Manifesto of an Anarchist Dark Pagan

6 July 1978
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Wow, how can you sum up a lifetime in a little text box...?

Born and raised in Rural South Australian Ghost Town,
Served in the Australian Navy,
Moved to Western Australia,
Worked in more different jobs in 6 months than some folks do in a lifetime...

I am by nature a dark person, sure I may at times seem rather bright and perky, but that is only because it is the most effective way I have found to keep the rage in check... I try to smile and not beat you to do death with your own shoes for cutting me off in traffic.

I can feel souls... More precisely, the pain, suffering, anger, jealousy and hatred of buried memories and past life baggage... No it's not cool. If it was cool, it would be because I could switch it off, or at least make some money with it...

See more below...

For those of you wondering about the avatar and username...? That is a pic and name of one of my most successful D&D characters, the mighty half-ogre, Grudthak.

My own webcomic... I dont do much with it anymore, but it still updates sometimes.

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