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Here we goooooo...
Job interview in 2 hours...

*deep breath*

Lets rock and roll...

Update time... Yay
So it's been a while since I updated but I finally have some news...

After a looooooong period of hurry-up-&-wait appointments with specialists, I have been cleared to go back to work. After a battery of scans and such, I have been confirmed of not having epilepsy, diabeetus, cancer, strokes, heart disease or anything sinister.

The cause of my blackouts?


Apparently my diet is a little too healthy and I need to regulraly add salt to what I am eating (I refuse to cook with it). Of course though, once the specialists are getting thier gravy train, they are not about to let it go in a hurry, in fact, it was only when the main neurologist who was handling my case got the flu when I was due an appointment, and another had to look at my file with a "WTF...???" for me to be cleared.

Trouble is, I was away from my job at Transfield for so long, I no longer HAVE a job.

So guess who is now furiously job-hunting...

In other news;
I am now a Pro-Wrestling Ring Announcer, this gig is incredibly good fun, albiet unpaid. The Fed is called SHWA and I am "Flashy Barry Hawkins" the gameshow host turned Ring Announcer.
In short, I get to stand in a wrestling ring, speak very loudly into a mike, and smile at everyone.

Due to illness/wrestling we havent been doing many Urbexes of late, we DID do one today though.


New Project (yay)
Finally have a new project on the go...

Check out perthurbex for more...

Last night I finally got my copy of "Flight 666" (Iron Maiden's tour Doco)

It is pure win, sex and awesome...

Hrmmm, maybe I should see a doctor about this...
Okay, I have some news...

Turns out The Lump isn't actually a lump at all. It was in fact an enlarged artery that showed up looking like a lump in the CT scan. Thankyou very bloody much medical profession, thankyou for the 2 months of thinking I had something ridiculously nasty when I didnt...

I appreciate it.

So I had testing to eliminate epilepsy as a factor, that came up clear, no epilepsy for me (yay I can watch Japanese TV)

The neurologists at Fremantle now believe that the dizzy spells and blackouts are a result of a circulation issue. I am waiting to get a date for an MRI (havent had it yet) and hoepfully we can get a confirmation. If this is the problem, then I will most likely have to take meds, but at least it means no surgery.

The Worst Thing
About having to wait so damn long for this test, is the imaginitive flights of fancy leading up to it. It's very hard to remain optimistic when every day, an even worse "Worse case scenario" appears.

Although I already have 1 contingency plan. If this thing is nasty and hard to get rid of (Making work exceedingly difficult) then I will finally have an excuse to get off my arse, sit down (lol) and really hook into my writing.

Of course even that is being a pain, every time I jot down notes for onw of my book ideas, several more ideas immediately appear.

Hell I already have notes down for 27 induvidual titles...

The Waiting Gme sucks, let's play Hungry Hippo
Okay, so now I have the date(s) for my brain-scan and results-getting. On June 8th I go in for my scan and on the friday I find out exactly what THE LUMP is. Bastard thing has been giving me hell today, hence it's upgrade to the all-caps-name-of-doom.

Thanks to Troy for slining me his copy of Hellgate London. Apart from it's demonist leanings, there is something satisfying about a game that has you smashing into hordes of zombies wielding two swords.
Especially when you have Viking Metal blaring in the background.

Oh I didnt mention this last time, but I have a new computer (squee) it's specs...
Intel Core2 Quad - Q9950 @ 2.83Ghz
4.00 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 9800

oooh look, an update
So what has been going on lately...?

Well I have been home for the last 2 weeks on sick leave. Why so? Well I blacked out at work in front of one of the duty officers as I was securing the bar. Transfield now will not let me go back to work until I get a Dr's Clearance to work unsupervised (I work alone in the bar)

Trouble is, the blackouts are not such a simple thing to deal with...

For the past few years, I have been quietly enduring occasional spells of regular dizzy spells and blackouts. For a while it was thought I had low blood pressure or blood sugar. Another Dr insisted that I have an irregular heart-beat (I do but it has nothing to do with the blackouts). Instead, after a CT scan last week, I have found out I have a lump in the centre of my brain that swells occasionally, stemming blood flow from the main artery into my brain.

Now I have to wait for Fremantle hospital to finally book me in for an MRI so I can find out what the lump is.

Worst thing is, I only have a finite amount of sick leave, AND the Dr has barred me from driving.


In other news, we are planning on leaving Rockingham finally. I have been offered a new job starting in September. The work is more bar-work, but at the Dongara Hotel. an extra $6 an hour, better work conditions and possibility of promotion later to bar manager. Of course the mega-bonus is, we get the kids out of Rockingham, before they get much older and feral.

*The stranger wanders around the long-abandoned LJ, his fingers idly tracing through the thick dust that has settled atop the old Shirtninja Banner ads. He pauses to look at the rambling, meandering scrawls of a depressed antisocial seemingly scribbled randomly throughout. As he removes the sheets covering screens conveying the random odd vids found in youtube, he muses.*

To continue with this journal or not...?

Lets hope times never get this tough...


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