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Looking for Group
Hrmmm, i'll try on here...

Experienced roleplayer/DM looking for group in the Perth region, preferably South of the River.

Mainly experienced in D&D 3rd edition with dabblings in VtM, Star Wars, and Shadowrun. Also willing to experience LARP and/or Cosplay.

The main group I have been playing D&D with has stagnated and been crippled by WoW addictions, so I need to find new players.

I am a mature gamer and will take any offers seriously.

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(Deleted comment)
If I wind up starting up a group or if I can find a newcomer-friendly one with enough room I'll bring you through.

Trouble is a lot of groups are rather xenophopic with new players, only letting others in if they have been personally vetted by one of the group members. But if I can get a few more people I may just form my own group and you both will be welcome to join in.

I want to start playing again.
Will wants to learn pencil and paper, and I never get to see you.
We're living in Kenwick.


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