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When Mountains (And managers) Collide
Hey everyone, time for a small pic dump and an update on the wierd wonderful world of Pr-Wrestling (as it pertains to yours truly lol). To the few of you on my LJ who where involved/there, excuse the WANTON SELF PROMOTION lol, but some people just have to see this.

Okay, the rundown, as you may or may not remember, I "wrestled" back in October 09 for a Cancer Charity show and lost the match, the stipulation was having my head shaved. Well at the show last Saturday When Mountains Collide I had my rematch with the bloke in question (Some of you will remember him as "Jethro" from Shirtninja).

He's loud, he's brashy, and most definitely Flashy...

Time to take out the trash

Helmets dont always help

Gotta love a hardcore match

Dont try this on your boss

pin for the win...

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The 'stache is RAWKIN'!!!

sssshhh dont encourage it...

It is already developing a mind of it's own and seemingly taken partial control of my mouth. Several times it has almost made me approach housewifes and drawl...

"I 'ave come to cleeeean ze poooool...!"

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