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Writer's Block: Copy that
How do you feel about human cloning? Do you think the long-term societal impact will be positive or negative? Why?

I have to say that I am against human cloning, not in any religious sense more a practical one...

First of all, what the world needs is LESS humans, not more. For that matter, what qualities would be considered attractive to try and induce; Brains, brawn...?

Secondly, the introduction of clones would rapidly produce a caste system throughout the global population, as social creatures, a key factor of our existential experience is to compare and classify ourselves with those around us. Accordingly, even the someone who is at thier most down on thier luck is likely to view themselves as "superior" to a clone. After all, they where made the "natural" way.

With the division of the species, clones would inevitably find themselves placed in a position of lesser beings, slaves even, thus regressing our "enlightened" society back to the feudal age. With such a clear gulf forming at the bottom, it wont be long for one to form at the top (even more than already exists). Say goodbye to egalitarianism.

Then the issue comes to that of free will and even induviduality, would a clone be defined as an induvidual? even if they are exact carbon-copy replicas of human beings, they will still be considered replicas. From birth they would be viewed different, treated different and accordingly view the world and society as different. Thus we lead into an inevitable conflict where genocide will be the only outcome.

So yeah, on the whole, I would say the impact will be negative.


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