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It has BEGUUUUUN...!!!
Had my 8 hour worksite induction today for my new job.

I am now working in a 12 month contract as a labourer for a company called CECK doing site-work at the BHP Petro-Chemical Refinery in Kwinana, Western Australia.

Most of my work is going to be "man-draulics", digging trenches, site cleanup etc.

But with the security, stability and ca$h the job provides, this fits neatly in with my plans for next year...

Oh and just to keep the trend going (and as I mentioned having my head shaved earlier) here is a pic from our latest SHWA Show, Ascension...

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Don't damage the steam traps. (Private joke about the BP refinery)

Heh, I totally thought you had your right arm tied down to your side with some kind of black band in that picture until it was pointed out to me that it was the shadow of the ring rope. I was wondering why the hell anyone would bother tying down a ring announcer's arm, like maybe you were having a match with the time-keeper or something and he was really puny, so they tied one of your arms down to make it fair.

Maybe it's just the picture, but the belt you're holding looks really flat, like there's no raised designs or anything on it. Anyway, I don't know what it is about this particular shot, but rather than Mean Gene or Tony Schiavone, in this picture you look almost like Jesse Ventura. Or maybe a relative of his, anyway.

lol, it's possibly likely because I was belting out a decent amount of volume at that point of photo, so you are getting more of an emotive-manic vibe than the cool, unruffled, debonaire mean gene approach.

I modelled and portray Flashy Barry Hawkins as an out-of-work TV Game Show presenter muscling into Pro-Wrestling...

Belt faceplate is etched brass, not much of a raised surface on it so to speak...

Heh, yeah, that could be it. Jesse Ventura only ever had two facial expressions anyway: almost pouting (in a manly, angry sort of way) with that chin jutting out on those rare occasions when he was silent, or screaming/laughing maniacally.

Your character idea looks spot on, though to really tell, we'd have to see and hear you in action. Maybe you'll make it onto on of those YouTube videos one of these days.

Depends on if;
A: our tech person uploads some.
B: Youtube doesnt disable the sound, they love silencing independent pro-wrestling as most wreslters use copywritten music for thier intros. Although they are never played in thier entirety, youtube goes censor happy. (Although those bloody AMV's and such NEVER have thier Linkin Park/Emo crap silenced... lol

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