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Gah... Time factor
Wow, I am a little stunned that it's been over 11 weeks since my last update.

Oh well, *deep breath* let's begin...

I am NOT working at the restauraunt mentioned in my last update, they decided in the end to not hire me when they figured that they could get the job done with cheaper, younger people. The assfuck involved there was, that they decided to take 2 weeks to notify me that I wasnt going to a part of thier team only a few days before opening (Small justice, everyone affiliated with me has embargoed the business and spread word of mouth to all not to bother going there).

I have been working through labour hire again, Integrated (again) and Flexi Staff. Although the ass has fallen out of the steel recycling industry, I have been able to pick up work here and there as a labourer. I spent 6 weeks working as a gardener for Melville City Council and other work as a yard/landscaping labourer. I am getting fitter and stronger, but by hell, my back is feeling the strain.

On the 7th, I commence a new contract with 12 month duration as a general labourer at the Kwinana BHP refinery. The good points to this job are 7am-3pm mon-fri shifts, mixed duties and a pay rate of $21 per hour + penalties.

I am formulating a plan for next year in that with earning a decent amount and having more regular hours, I am going to get some courses/certificates under me. Namely a Truck Licence, Plant Operator ticket (Grader/Loader/Bobcat) Cert. IV OH&S and Cert IV Workplace Training and assessment. Ideally, I aim to be in the position that once the contract has ended, I am much more enticing to potential employers.

Health wise, I am fine, the whole issue played down to simply I was eating TOO healthy and not consuming enough salt...!

My mental stability has been surprisingly good even with the whole job/no-job bullshit. I have started coming out of my long self-imposed exile and started to meet new people again.

Oh and I have a new project, I am a Pro-Wrestling Ring Announcer for one of the local Perth wrestling groups...

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Flashy Barry Hawkins...

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you are without a doubt one of the sexiest men, even if you are cheezy, that me OR my fiance have ever seen.

That picture SO reminds me of Jim Broadbent's Game Show Host from Time Bandits. Same devilish glint in the eyes! Mwah, hah, hah!

Hopefully the job situation will fall in with your plans - they sound quite solid.
Great to hear from you again!

Heh heh, nice... very mid-90's Tony Schiavone with some classic Gene Okerlund mixed in there, except you've got more hair than Mean Gene, of course.

Best of luck with the employment issues, glad to hear everything else is going well, and it's nice to know that you're still alive and all. Of course, I'm one to talk, I'm probably at least as negligent in my updating as you have been, if not more so.

And remember, if they swing a chair at you, make sure you get those hands up. But not too fast, we wouldn't want anyone to think it was all staged. ;)

lol at the rate mine is falling out (and getting shaved off in October for a hair Vs Hair charity match) I will look more like Mean Gene soon enough...

Havent had a chair shot yet, been hit a few times with a "steel" clipboard ;)

Heh heh... Well, a clipboard probably hurts more that a stick of pepperoni.

... Okay, I guess that bears explaining. Some friends of mine in high school had a cheesy little backyard wrestling thing going on for a while (not like those morons who jump off their roofs onto trampolines and break each other's necks, it was very safely done, low-impact stuff, they mostly just enjoyed being really campy and having fun with it), and my friend Todd's character was "Monsieur Sausuigé" or something like that, a pompous French-Canadian who got rich when he inherited his family's sausage factory and carried a big stick of pepperoni to the "ring" (I put "ring" in quotes because it was basically four sticks stuck into the ground with clothesline tied around them) which he would hit people with when the ref's back was turned. He actually started out the good guy, but pulled a Heel turn on his girlfriend in a mixed tag match when he came out of the closet (the character, not Scott) and broke the stick of pepperoni hitting her in the back with it.

That...Is...An...Awesome...Gimmick...!!! ;)

Yeah, I think it's really cool that he was able to resist the urge to make his character a badass, since he was one of the people in charge of the whole thing. And his story linked into that of the league's resident badass, a guy named Shawn who was rather large and... unfortunate looking, thanks at least partially to a severely misspent youth. He called his character "Shawn Strychnine" and his story was that he'd become deformed due to growing up downstream from Monsieur Sausuigé's pollution-spewing sausage factory, so he had a vendetta against him from the minute he showed up. It was cool, because everyone loved Shawn, and he filled the role of Gentle Giant Antihero Babyface so perfectly against this lisping pretty boy Heel with the worst French accent you've ever heard.

I had this whole idea to come in as a Raven-like character (you know, come down completely subdued, keep my head down most of the time, trade a few blows, then do something utterly devastating before sitting in the corner and moping until they recovered) and be Strychnine's new nemesis, an old rival who was like his evil counterpart. Shawn would do the Sandman/Stone Cold thing, come down to the ring with a beer and celebrate with a few afterward, and I had this idea where we'd have a match for his title, and he'd bring an 18-pack to the ring with him... except, it would be full of empty cans, carefully opened and closed again to appear to be full of full cans of beer. At some point in the match, I'd grab the 18-pack and crack him over the head with it, knocking him out... only to lie down, pull his arm over on top of me, and let him win the match. Why? Because I hated him so much, it wasn't about his title, I just wanted to make him suffer.

I never did end up getting involved though, I had moved like an hour away, and with no car of my own, it wasn't easy to get down there on anything resembling a regular basis. Oh well.

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