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hot under the collar...
Well, two weeks into the new job, I was invited to the end-of-year work function. The BBQ was nice, the incredulous looks from my colleagues as I refused free beer not so flash...

Anyways, working at digging holes in +35C can definitely be considered a test of patience and endurance, so far I am staying on top. I know I have already lost at least 5 kilos, but I am also gaining a steady increase in muscle mass, especially in my chest and back.

But work isnt the only thing I am steamed about, some folks on my Flist have described this thing far more eloquently than I ever could, so instead I shall address this issue in my own Grudthakian way...

Censor my Internet and Die...!!!

Those of you who are long subscribers of my assorted rants and rambles will know that my life tends to be a balancing act of compromise and self-control, to tip one way is to live in eternal slavery. The other way lies with madness. Wihtout the internet I have lost one of single most effective measures to "tune out" of the world for even a short time, enough to regather my patience and suppress the urge to slaughter 99% of the human population.
(1% of the current global population will still be large and diverse enough to maintain genetic viability incidentally)

Yes I agree that the sick kiddie fiddlers need to be hunted down one-by-vile-one and ritualistically castrated, hung, drawn and quartered (Yes I agree with capital punishment and YES I would be willing to be the state executioner). But the filter is more than that, for starters it is completely bloody inneffective at the ONE task it was intended for (Childporn users dont exactly have paysites like playboy for instance) but what it WILL be effective for is silencing the voice of public dissent and expression.

As a parent I have done more for my children in "protecting" them from the "evils" of the internet by giving them open and free access to both the net and myself. They know that if they see something they shouldnt, let me know. This is a system that works and as such, my children dont fear the internet, utilise it for the golden opportunity I never had growing up and use thier own common sense. Some would view my approach as naieve or even dangerous, but it works for me, and I dont need some idiotic government lobby with the howling extreme religious wackos telling me OR my children what is acceptable viewing material.

Hey maybe thats an idea, perhaps I can lobby for an exemption to the filter due to differing religious beliefs. After all, if the policy is dictated by a Christian group, then technically it has no dominion over me whatsoever.

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....and this is why i love you.

Here stateside for a while the cringers were adamantly trying to remove the word "breast" from allowable search words, until it was pointed out to them that serious researchers and cancer victims would be unable to access "breast cancer" help sites. Not to mention that young trolls seeking excitement would probably search "boobs",
"hooters", "sweater puppets" or "bodacious tatas" long before thinking of "breasts".

Dear goddess, save me from being protected to death!

So, wait... is this some kind of government-mandated filter that they're trying to make every internet provider in Australia use, rather than a company thing? I've never heard of a government trying to regulate internet content on that scale, and I'd like to think we here in the U.S. would have heard about something like that. What, exactly, is going on?

Anyway, as far as world population, the latest number I've found puts the current population at approximately 6,791,800,000 upright apes. 1% of that is still 67,918,000 of the fuckers. Way too many, and probably a lot more than required for genetic diversity (as if I actually gave a damn if they could keep breeding). One one-hundredth of a percent would be 679,180 of the little bastards. I'm liking that number a lot more, but it could still be lower.

.000025% of the current world population would be just about right, I think. 169,795 human beings in the entire world. I'm not sure what the official rules on that sort of thing are, but with such a statistically insignificant percentage left alive, I think technically we could declare them extinct! =)

Eh, okay, so's I's not so goods wit the maths. .000025 is the multiplier, which would actually be .0025%, right? One quarter of one one-hundredth of a percent. I'm pretty sure that's how that works.

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