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Looking for Group
Hrmmm, i'll try on here...

Experienced roleplayer/DM looking for group in the Perth region, preferably South of the River.

Mainly experienced in D&D 3rd edition with dabblings in VtM, Star Wars, and Shadowrun. Also willing to experience LARP and/or Cosplay.

The main group I have been playing D&D with has stagnated and been crippled by WoW addictions, so I need to find new players.

I am a mature gamer and will take any offers seriously.

When Mountains (And managers) Collide
Hey everyone, time for a small pic dump and an update on the wierd wonderful world of Pr-Wrestling (as it pertains to yours truly lol). To the few of you on my LJ who where involved/there, excuse the WANTON SELF PROMOTION lol, but some people just have to see this.

Okay, the rundown, as you may or may not remember, I "wrestled" back in October 09 for a Cancer Charity show and lost the match, the stipulation was having my head shaved. Well at the show last Saturday When Mountains Collide I had my rematch with the bloke in question (Some of you will remember him as "Jethro" from Shirtninja).

He's loud, he's brashy, and most definitely Flashy...

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Writer's Block: Copy that
How do you feel about human cloning? Do you think the long-term societal impact will be positive or negative? Why?

I have to say that I am against human cloning, not in any religious sense more a practical one...

First of all, what the world needs is LESS humans, not more. For that matter, what qualities would be considered attractive to try and induce; Brains, brawn...?

Secondly, the introduction of clones would rapidly produce a caste system throughout the global population, as social creatures, a key factor of our existential experience is to compare and classify ourselves with those around us. Accordingly, even the someone who is at thier most down on thier luck is likely to view themselves as "superior" to a clone. After all, they where made the "natural" way.

With the division of the species, clones would inevitably find themselves placed in a position of lesser beings, slaves even, thus regressing our "enlightened" society back to the feudal age. With such a clear gulf forming at the bottom, it wont be long for one to form at the top (even more than already exists). Say goodbye to egalitarianism.

Then the issue comes to that of free will and even induviduality, would a clone be defined as an induvidual? even if they are exact carbon-copy replicas of human beings, they will still be considered replicas. From birth they would be viewed different, treated different and accordingly view the world and society as different. Thus we lead into an inevitable conflict where genocide will be the only outcome.

So yeah, on the whole, I would say the impact will be negative.

This one cant get much worse surely
So it's the new year, lets hope it's better than the one that just abruptly ended. I am currently feeling like shit, not physically but looking down the barrel of even more days of smiling politely and putting up with people who frankly give me the shits and having NO CHOICE. Worst part is, I am not even getting paid to do this.

Seems some people get offended if I refuse to attend gatherings, but then get shitty that I am not "Participating". Sorry fuckwits, but I dont drink, I havent seen the inspid Movie/TV show you are parroting endlessly, I dont play poker and frankly I find your company as boring as a country town on wet sunday afternoon.

I need to get myself another project/hobby/interest happening as Wrestling is only an occasional thing (And many of them I dont really want to be accosiating with in my free time). Now that I am Working and medically cleared, perhaps I will get back to SCA...

But only if I can be a Stick Jock and not worry about the other stuff (And people)...

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Wow, it's Friday night and the single most exciting thing I can think of doing is update LJ and read list comedy websites...

I did find this little beauty though...

hot under the collar...
Well, two weeks into the new job, I was invited to the end-of-year work function. The BBQ was nice, the incredulous looks from my colleagues as I refused free beer not so flash...

Anyways, working at digging holes in +35C can definitely be considered a test of patience and endurance, so far I am staying on top. I know I have already lost at least 5 kilos, but I am also gaining a steady increase in muscle mass, especially in my chest and back.

But work isnt the only thing I am steamed about, some folks on my Flist have described this thing far more eloquently than I ever could, so instead I shall address this issue in my own Grudthakian way...

Censor my Internet and Die...!!!

Those of you who are long subscribers of my assorted rants and rambles will know that my life tends to be a balancing act of compromise and self-control, to tip one way is to live in eternal slavery. The other way lies with madness. Wihtout the internet I have lost one of single most effective measures to "tune out" of the world for even a short time, enough to regather my patience and suppress the urge to slaughter 99% of the human population.
(1% of the current global population will still be large and diverse enough to maintain genetic viability incidentally)

Yes I agree that the sick kiddie fiddlers need to be hunted down one-by-vile-one and ritualistically castrated, hung, drawn and quartered (Yes I agree with capital punishment and YES I would be willing to be the state executioner). But the filter is more than that, for starters it is completely bloody inneffective at the ONE task it was intended for (Childporn users dont exactly have paysites like playboy for instance) but what it WILL be effective for is silencing the voice of public dissent and expression.

As a parent I have done more for my children in "protecting" them from the "evils" of the internet by giving them open and free access to both the net and myself. They know that if they see something they shouldnt, let me know. This is a system that works and as such, my children dont fear the internet, utilise it for the golden opportunity I never had growing up and use thier own common sense. Some would view my approach as naieve or even dangerous, but it works for me, and I dont need some idiotic government lobby with the howling extreme religious wackos telling me OR my children what is acceptable viewing material.

Hey maybe thats an idea, perhaps I can lobby for an exemption to the filter due to differing religious beliefs. After all, if the policy is dictated by a Christian group, then technically it has no dominion over me whatsoever.

Theres nothin like a good ol'fashioned hole digging...
Well first week of the new job is finished. I am sore, have a touch of heatstroke and feel quite pleased with myself.

The job is basically labouring for an earthmoving company, ergo; digging holes, lots of BIG holes. The work is honest, pays well and I am already building up muscle mass so it has a little benefit without the pure sadism of going to a gym.

It has BEGUUUUUN...!!!
Had my 8 hour worksite induction today for my new job.

I am now working in a 12 month contract as a labourer for a company called CECK doing site-work at the BHP Petro-Chemical Refinery in Kwinana, Western Australia.

Most of my work is going to be "man-draulics", digging trenches, site cleanup etc.

But with the security, stability and ca$h the job provides, this fits neatly in with my plans for next year...

Oh and just to keep the trend going (and as I mentioned having my head shaved earlier) here is a pic from our latest SHWA Show, Ascension...

(no subject)
In the car today, my daughter and I where listening to Rammstein and she caught me singing along. She asked me what my all time favourite Rammstein, and then any other songs where. Since I got nothing else interesting to talk about, I thought this may be interesting - For some anyway...!

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Gah... Time factor
Wow, I am a little stunned that it's been over 11 weeks since my last update.

Oh well, *deep breath* let's begin...

I am NOT working at the restauraunt mentioned in my last update, they decided in the end to not hire me when they figured that they could get the job done with cheaper, younger people. The assfuck involved there was, that they decided to take 2 weeks to notify me that I wasnt going to a part of thier team only a few days before opening (Small justice, everyone affiliated with me has embargoed the business and spread word of mouth to all not to bother going there).

I have been working through labour hire again, Integrated (again) and Flexi Staff. Although the ass has fallen out of the steel recycling industry, I have been able to pick up work here and there as a labourer. I spent 6 weeks working as a gardener for Melville City Council and other work as a yard/landscaping labourer. I am getting fitter and stronger, but by hell, my back is feeling the strain.

On the 7th, I commence a new contract with 12 month duration as a general labourer at the Kwinana BHP refinery. The good points to this job are 7am-3pm mon-fri shifts, mixed duties and a pay rate of $21 per hour + penalties.

I am formulating a plan for next year in that with earning a decent amount and having more regular hours, I am going to get some courses/certificates under me. Namely a Truck Licence, Plant Operator ticket (Grader/Loader/Bobcat) Cert. IV OH&S and Cert IV Workplace Training and assessment. Ideally, I aim to be in the position that once the contract has ended, I am much more enticing to potential employers.

Health wise, I am fine, the whole issue played down to simply I was eating TOO healthy and not consuming enough salt...!

My mental stability has been surprisingly good even with the whole job/no-job bullshit. I have started coming out of my long self-imposed exile and started to meet new people again.

Oh and I have a new project, I am a Pro-Wrestling Ring Announcer for one of the local Perth wrestling groups...

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Flashy Barry Hawkins...


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